Sunday, January 21, 2007

My Sewing Room!

From the top:
My Embroidery Machine (mind the fruit bowl - it's sitting on a cupboard in the dining/family room)
Sewing Room - in the corner is our filing cabinet, then my scrap bins, cottons, and then my desk - with overlocker and sewing machine on it.
In the cupboard - boxes of fabric - from the bottom - bamboo, hemp jersey, MM, next box is cottons, next is knits, next is flannelette, in the box if hemp, and cream flannelette. Hanging up is outfits by Theresa.
Next pic is my embroidery stuff, and my instocks (not much there at present cause they're all waiting to be snapped).
Next pic is more boxes of fabric - fleece, and flannelette. A green bag full of nappies to be snapped, and a roll of white suedecloth.
Last pic is a better pic of my desk. The nappies on the floor are AIO's (a bulk pack) I have just put elastic in.

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