Sunday, January 21, 2007

My Sewing Room!

From the top:
My Embroidery Machine (mind the fruit bowl - it's sitting on a cupboard in the dining/family room)
Sewing Room - in the corner is our filing cabinet, then my scrap bins, cottons, and then my desk - with overlocker and sewing machine on it.
In the cupboard - boxes of fabric - from the bottom - bamboo, hemp jersey, MM, next box is cottons, next is knits, next is flannelette, in the box if hemp, and cream flannelette. Hanging up is outfits by Theresa.
Next pic is my embroidery stuff, and my instocks (not much there at present cause they're all waiting to be snapped).
Next pic is more boxes of fabric - fleece, and flannelette. A green bag full of nappies to be snapped, and a roll of white suedecloth.
Last pic is a better pic of my desk. The nappies on the floor are AIO's (a bulk pack) I have just put elastic in.

Bulk Pack Finished!

I just finished my first Baker's Dozen of AIO's!

It included two applique's - the sun one posted a few days ago, and this cute ducky!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Exciting New Product

I just ordered my first batch of a new product line for Twins in Cloth - these will be sold on ozebaby and will compliment the current product line at Twins in Cloth.

Just because I'm nice here's a sneak pic

More Photos

From the top - Emma's birthday outfit, Brandon's birthday outfit, Emma in her flirty skirty I knitted for her (Brandon has some shorties from NC Swap), and last my GDUNH prize - a bamboo nappy with panda embroidery.

Photo Time!

First is a sneak peek of the soaker (from my own pattern) that I'm working on.

Next is my wool I got from Ali at Bumnaround (a mix of kettle and gradient dyeing).

Next we have a sneek peak at an upcoming appliqued MM AIO

Monday, January 15, 2007


I've almost got a bulk pack done for a customer (a Baker's Dozen). She wanted an embroidered Malden Mills AIO - but I stuffed up and it's not in the centre - so that will be a second coming up soon! It's a Teal 200wt Malden Mills Size 2 - with an appliqued/embroidered Sun - the sun is done with bright orange velour, and bright yellow polar fleece. It looks ace - just a shame it's off centre!
I've almost finished the waistband on my "own pattern" soaker! I received my wool yesterday in the mail from Bumnround - it's gorgeous! Ali has removed the pics already so I can't show you - but it's a mix of gradient and kettle dyed wool - one in girly colours and the other in boy colours.
My stitch markets from Patty Melon Knits should be here this week, then I'll only be waiting on my bamboo circulars!
I hope to get my wholesale order done for Baby Soft Landings this week, then I can start back on instocks! I plan to have a fully stocked shop come the 1st Feb (when the GDUNH starts) - including AIO's, fitteds and covers. Then I can start working on some special OOAK items for my ozebaby store.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

First Post

This blog has been created so that I can show off my creative creations. Some will be for sale in my coming soon Twins in Cloth Ozebaby store - whilst others are for my kidlets.

So what am I working on at present? Lots! I'm working on a bulk pack for a customer, a wholesale order for Baby Soft Landings, my own soaker/shorties pattern, plus some machine embroidered/appliqued Malden Mills AIOs/covers for Ozebaby.